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Police officers and other government employees encounter many of the same employment law issues that other employees do. Police stations, school districts, and other types of government entity offices are not immune to retaliation, discrimination, or whistleblower violations. At the Law Offices of Sifuentes & Locke, we protect government employees’ rights and help them seek justice for workplace wrongdoing.

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School teachers and other school personnel are bound by mandatory reporting laws and other regulations. Police officers are expected to report misconduct, violations of standard procedure, and other wrongdoing by fellow officers. So, when teachers or police officers are retaliated against for doing what they should, what recourse do they have against a government entity?

The Law Offices of Sifuentes & Locke have dedicated the past 12 years to helping police officers and other government employees sue and bring claims against their government entity employers regarding whistleblower violations and retaliation for reporting misconduct, discrimination, and other illegal activity in the workplace.

Attorney Ben M. Sifuentes and our legal team help people file claims against Texas school districts and city, county and state government bodies for issues such as:

  • Retaliation for reporting police officer misconduct
  • Wrongful termination for following mandatory reporting laws
  • Retaliation for filing a report for workplace harassment or discrimination in promotion
  • Termination, demotion, harassment, or other retaliation for reporting an employer’s illegal activity
  • Violations of whistleblower laws
  • Retaliation for any protected activity

Our lawyers’ advocacy in police officer defense cases helps us to understand the employment issues that government employees face. We know that government employees, law enforcement officers, and teachers are dedicated workers who believe in the work they are doing. If you have experienced retaliation in the form of termination, demotion, or harassment for blowing the whistle in your work for a government entity, you have a dedicated advocate in lawyer Ben M. Sifuentes, Jr.

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