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From domestic violence to employment violations we can help!

Have you been charged with domestic violence? Are you facing criminal prosecution? No matter the reason, our law firm has the knowledge and education to provide you with professional and successful legal representation in San Antonio, TX. Don’t face criminal charges alone.

Aggressively pursuing justice

At Sifuentes & Locke, we make sure to provide our clients with an attorney that will uphold their rights. Too many residents in San Antonio and around the nation become victims of the legal system because they hire legal representation that wasn’t aggressive in their pursuit of justice. This will never happen when you hire our legal team.

When you face domestic violence charges or white collar crimes, don’t become the victim of the law – hire an expert attorney from Sifuentes & Locke.

Trusted by the community

The Sifuentes & Locke name is a well-known and trusted legal team in San Antonio. We have such a highly regarded reputation because we know that our clients are not criminals and deserve a respectful and attentive legal representation.

How we can help

We are highly experienced and knowledgeable in criminal defense cases for weapon charges, DWI, domestic violence, assault and more. No other legal team in San Antonio will work as hard as we will to provide you with a favorable outcome.

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